Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Bless You

Ryken just came up to me in the study, while I'm checking email. I tell him the study is a mess and mommy really needs to clean it up. He says "I'll go get you a ***(mumble)". I think he says Tissue - so I repeat - "You're going to get mommy a tissue?"and he says "No not tissue mommy a bless you and it's mine". He runs away and gets a tissue and brings it to me and says "this is a bless you, not a tissue".

I just thought it was funny and should share.


Jennifer said...

Adorable! Kimberly, I've been thinking of you and trying to remember some key words for finding your blog. I remembered your full name and the girls' names, but couldn't find you via a search. Just this evening remembered that your husband is Anthony, and voila! Found you! I see from your last post that you have moved back to Austin. My kids and I may be there this summer as we visit some churches in Texas, Oklahoma and probably California. Austin is on our itinerary! Would be great to see you and your family. I've thought of you often, wondering how you're doing, how life was in China. Do you have a current blog so I can follow as you settle back in at home? Blessings!

Jennifer (Taipei, Playgroup, Parent Pages, etc)

The Armstrongs said...

Jennifer - I do not keep a current blog - life is just so boring back home :) We would LOVE to visit with you on your way through Austin, please keep in touch. You can email me directly at: ashnlizmomatyahoodotcom
Also, find me on facebook! I'm friends with Angie and you can find me that way too.
Keep in touch,